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About Me

Barrios Consulting is dreamed up, owned, and operated by me, Ricky Barrios a Georgetown graduate, with honors, a PMP holder, and Shipley Certified writer extraordinaire.

LLC typically means “Limited Liability Company,” but here at Barrios Consulting, it means Little Latino Company. It all started when my old lady, grumpy, Ethiopian neighbor came over for lunch. She saw the incorporation documents on my kitchen table and asked, “Barrios Consulting LLC? What’s this…..Little Latino Company?” In the moment I laughed and said “sure.” 

Upon reflection I laughed and said “Why not?” As a sole proprietorship, I’m as little as they come. 

I focus on getting the appropriate content to the appropriate audience in the appropriate format. Despite being a one man show, I always come in ahead of schedule. I put my all into my client’s needs, so you can count on me to give you exactly what you need.