Project Management

A project is defined as an endeavor with a distinct beginning and end. I apply the Project Management Institute and Project Management Body of Knowledge best practices to every project I’m a part of. 

Whether you need someone to get it started properly, or if you need someone to right the ship. I’m your guy. 

I provide management for integration, scope, schedule, cost, quality, resource, communication, risk, procurement, and stakeholder priorities. 

I come with an additional specialty in documentation and messaging management. I have been sculpting raw data and unsystematic messaging since 1987. It is my job to take the complex, ambiguous, and unformed ideas and refine them to tell your clients exactly what they need to hear.

Proposal Management

A proposal response is just a targeted marketing document. Your potential client has already told you what they need, and you just need to show them you can provide it.

 I’ve responded to Requests for Proposal, Information, Bid, and Quote from federal, state, educational, and municipal entities. Utilizing the proven Shipley method, I will ensure that we provide the most impactful response possible in the capabilities your company brings to the table.

 I specialize in simplifying the ask from the issuing entity. This way we can either get to work crafting a compelling and compliant response, or you can get back to work optimizing your existing lines of business.

 Additionally, I offer opportunity identification assistance, slick sheet development, and networking help. Whatever direction you want your company to grow, we can get there.

General Consulting

The questions I get the most are “What does this mean?” and “What can I do?”

The answer to both is send me an email. 

Whether it’s a letter from a lawyer, a bank, or city hall, I’ve spent 10 years honing a methodology for clarifying what you need to do next. Working with individuals, businesses, and nonprofits, I will simplify the core of what you need to respond to and do. If I can’t, I can direct you to a colleague who can. 

Additionally, in my many years of fighting for the little guy, I’ve amassed a substantial network of legal, infrastructural, marketing, academic, and bureaucratic experts. I’ve been punching outside of my weight class since 1987, and by honing that expertise, I can consult you on how to do the same.